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Since our founding in 1968 in beautiful Mendocino County, Fetzer Vineyards has been a pioneer of California winemaking. Our history is one of ever-evolving quality and innovation and a progressive, hands-on approach to earth-friendly practices. At Fetzer we’ve always believed that the more we refine our winemaking practices to be in harmony with the environment, the more we improve the quality of our wines – and of everyday life.

A grassroots family operation with big vision, in 1978 Fetzer was one of the first California wineries to branch out into Chardonnay, as well as Gewürztraminer and Riesling. At a time when few were serious about whites, Fetzer’s vision and dedication came to fruition with exciting new offerings for wine lovers.

Beginning in 1984, Fetzer undertook perhaps its most important commitment of all: total sustainable growing of all its grapes. What started as a simple garden project grew into the defining mission for all of Fetzer’s vineyards. One by one, as each vineyard committed to sustainable growing, the results could be tasted in the fruit. Vines grew healthy, the fruit rich and clean – ideal for the production of premium wines.

By 1992, Fetzer had become recognized by wine lovers nationwide for its superb quality and value. Brown-Forman Corporation purchased Fetzer offering the support needed to accelerate its quality goals. The winery continued to grow and innovate, always striving to improve and expand its offerings and strengthen its dedication to the environment, to make its wines – and life – a little better.

The creativity and passion of the winemaker have always been central to the Fetzer spirit. While we pride ourselves on technological innovation, we’ve always believed that hands-on attention to detail comes first. Fetzer also understands that the quality of our wine and the quality of the natural environment from which it originates go hand-in-hand. Fetzer was well ahead of the curve in embracing environmental principles back in 1984, but for us it was a natural progression – we’ve always believed we can do better. But we won’t rest on our laurels. Now more than ever before, we must continually renew our commitment to the environment and to innovate in a sustainable way, so as to ensure our winery operations are in harmony with our planet.


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